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Amy Sedaris Fake Fireplace Duck Race Charity Raffle Entry
  • Amy Sedaris Fake Fireplace Duck Race Charity Raffle Entry


    We've been keeping Amy's fake fireplace safe in the shop for nearly a year and half and now its time for it to burn, baby burn in a new home.


    Amy had this fireplace in the 90's. Todd Oldham painted the bricks and Hugh Hamrick painted the inside and the top. It was a staple in all of Amy's apartments through the years and was also used in At Home With Amy Sedaris.


    The fireplace is in excellent condition. The faux logs and light work perfectly, but the orange plastic spinny thing needs to be replaced if you want it to crackle and spin.



    39.5 tall

    60 wide

    11.5 deep


    Amy will sign and personalize the fireplace for the lucky winner.


    We are raffling the fireplace off with hopes to raise big money for type 1 diabetes research and advocacy.


    Official Rules

    Each raffle entry is $10 and you can enter as many times as you'd like.

    The raffle is run by a third party website with no affiliation to Cure Thrift or its employees.

    The raffle will run on Instagram Live once we have reached 2.500 entries.


    If the fireplace needs to be shipped, we will pay for freight shipping!


    You do not have to be present during the Instagram Live to win.

    If you miss the live drawing, it will be recorded and posted to our Instagram page.

    We will contact the winner directly to make all arrangements.



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